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5fmdmb-2201 is Synthetic cannabinoids or synthetic marijuana  belonging to a large family of chemically unrelated structures. Created and marketed to mimic the action of  (THC),  primary psychoactive constituent of marijuana. Marijuana is  a Schedule I controlled substances in New York State.  Other examples of Schedule I controlled substances include heroin and LSD. 5fmdmb-2201 mimics the effects of marijuana. They are often commercialised under research chemicals.

What are cannabinoids?

Naturally occurring chemical compounds  found in cannabis and unique to the plant. They’re the reason you may feel a psychoactive high or therapeutic pain relief after consuming cannabis.

Cannabinoids are similar to endogenous cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) examples pof cannabinoids include: 5cl-adb-a, 4f-adb

How do 5fmdmb-2201 work?

The source of marijuana’s distinct effects was a perplexing question until rather recently. In the 1980s that research into cannabis found cannabinoids bind to receptors found throughout the brain and body.

To date, two different classes of receptors have been identified:

  • CB-1, commonly found in brain cells and the central nervous system.
  • CB-2, usually found in the body and immune system.

Similar to the behavior of other chemical compounds, cannabinoids interact with receptors like a key and lock would. Cannabinoids, being the key, bind with receptors that contain metabolic enzymes that break down the cannabinoids, thus unlocking the effects like organic endocannabinoids would.

The fascinating part is that different cannabinoids produce different effects according to the type and location of receptor they interact with.

Routes of administration and dosage

However, according to user reports, the routes of administration of 5fmdmb-2201 may be oral, nasal insufflation, sublingual, rectal and injection. Specifically for dosage, other, less detailed Internet reports than those stated above mention nasal insufflation (60 mg), sublingual application (50 mg), a combination of insufflation (10mg) plus oral (60 mg) consumption, as well as injection (70 mg) and rectal administration (40 mg).

Toxicology of 5fmdmb-2201

There are no published pre-clinical safety data available concerning the toxicity, reproductive impact and mutagenic/carcinogenic potential of 5fmdmb-2201. Overall, there is insufficient clinical information to determine typical toxic effects of , however the opioid nature of the drug would likely result in morphine-like toxicity (e.g. sedation and respiratory depression).

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