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AMB-FUBINACA  is a popular synthetic cannabinoid.
Also, it’s common names include “K2”, “spice”,“kronic”or “fake weed”.
Pfizer first synthesized it by 2009, along with numerous other related compounds.
Equally,  the members of Fubinaca family include AB-FUBINACA, APINACA all of which are synthetic.
Interestingly, these cannabinoids have similar parent chains that make up their chemical structure.
In summary, FUB-AMB is designed to mimic the effects of THC contained in marijuana.
It is the methyl ester analog of AB-FUBINACA. Here, the methyl ester has replaced the terminal amide group of the valine. This compound has unknown physiological and toxicological properties. Also, forensic and research applications are the uses of this product.

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